Advice Needed

Normally I don’t air my dirty laundry on blogs or social media, but man oh man I am in some desperate need of some advice from my lovely readers.

My kid sister is getting married two weeks from yesterday. She’s 8 years younger than me (just incidental) and, unlike me, she just can’t stand to be alone.

She dated her ex on again off again for five years and has a one-year-old with her ex. Both she and her ex are serial cheaters so their relationship ultimately dissolved and before they split she already had a rebound fling. Well, it’s her rebound fling she’s marrying and they will have only dated for like…3 or 4 months beforehand if I recall.

I’ve gone on record as not supporting her decision at all and I think she’s making a grave mistake as rebound flings never work out. As such, I’m conflicted as to whether or not to even go to the wedding. If I do, it’ll come across as supporting what is IMO a stupid decision. If I don’t, well, I look like the biggest asshole ever.

I’ve already got a PTO day the the day of the wedding and a hotel reserved for that night because the next day I’ll be attending the Firestone 600 (a car race in the Verizon IndyCar series – essentially the US/Canada equivalent of Formula One) in the town they’re getting married in. I just don’t know what to do.

What would you all do if you were in my place?

4 thoughts on “Advice Needed

  1. If I were you, I would just attend the wedding and be happy for my sister. It’s her life and her decision. You gave your advice with love and care. Attending the wedding you advised against, on the other hand, is showing support to your sister not her decision. Be there for her.

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      • I learned from my years that excuses no matter how important or justified are forgotten in time. What remains is the fact that one didn’t attend or participated or done what needed to be done. You seem like a very caring and loving person. With a heart like yours, you won’t feel at peace unless you be there for your sister no matter how hard it is on you. Peace be with you always.
        Dahlia 🙂

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      • I imagine this is what I will probably end up doing. I just hope for her sake it works out long term. I’m just skeptical is all.

        One big thing I do fear is that they will use it as a chance to rub in my face the fact that I am so much older and still single. I am pressured by my family to find a mate but that just isn’t my style.

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