Final Day in Houston: A Trip to the Downtown Aquarium (Photoblog)

Hey my lovely followers! I hope you haven’t missed me too much. My days in Houston have been amazing and I’m very sad to be leaving tomorrow morning. I’m actually sobbing a little bit as I type this. Houston just feels like home to me. It has everything I could ever want. I can deal with the nasty traffic (BTW – you know you’re a badass when you can drive a manual transmission in Houston traffic and not stall a single time – go me!) if it means having friends (you always have friends in change ringers) and fun stuff to do. Can’t you tell I just love Houston?

So whereas my arms and shoulders have been a bit achy, today I decided to make my legs and feet ache when I decided to take a trip to the Downtown Aquarium. It was an awesome time – got to see several fish tanks and rare and exotic species of fish, got to ride a few rides and ate at the (expensive but worth it – it was on the company’s dime after all) “underwater” restaurant.

Without further ado, I present to you a selection of pictures from my adventure!

In front of the “all live” tank.

At the “underwater” restaurant.

A selfie in front of the dolphin water fountain at the entrance!

The saltwater tank.

Feeding a stingray! They are very gentle animals actually.

Some big blue fish IDK what is.

A view of Downtown Houston from atop the Ferris Wheel.


A white tiger – what the hell is he doing here?

Man, who says singles don’t or can’t have any fun? I had a blast all by myself. Perhaps it’s my introversion – I am an INTFJ after all (TF because I’m equal parts thinking and feeling and depending on how my day is depends on which way I test – I guess INXJ would be another way to put it).

Also, as I did spend a significant amount of time in the sun today – I want to give a brief tattoo tip on your Thursday (or Friday depending on where you are in the world) – sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen! Seriously, even if you have a dark complexion and are resistant to the sun, your tattoos are not. Nothing will fade your tattoos faster than overexposure to UV rays. This is because UV light breaks down the ink particles so that they are able to be engulfed by your white blood cells and removed. Ink is treated as a foreign body after all. Actually, laser removal is merely an accelerated form of this natural process. All tattoos fade over time, but you can slow down the fading process by using sunscreen, covering up when possible/practical and staying hydrated. Following this simple protocol will ensure your tattoo is looking bright, vibrant and crisp for years to come.

Anyway, I’m out for the night!


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