Funny Story Friday: The Day I got Kicked Out of a Bar (For No Good Reason)

So my blog has been kind of heavy lately, what with my poetry, me lamenting my hair and a couple of really sad Song Lyric Sundays. As such, I think it’s time to mix it up a little bit with a bit of a funny personal anecdote. I think you’re going to get a kick out of this one.

So a couple of years ago a brand new bar opened up locally that was an exclusively beer bar, I mean something like 40 taps and a bunch of bottles as well and aren’t none of them American light lager (yeck!). I’m mainly a microbrew drinker so this sounded totally awesome to me and knew I had to go check it out. Well I lasted every bit of about…5 minutes in that bar before the owner kicked me out, and for no good reason either.

So here I am sitting at the corner of the bar, quietly drinking my beer and minding my own business. I’m not being rowdy, causing any trouble or anything. All of a sudden the owner comes up to me and tells me I need to leave. I asked him why as I was not causing any trouble to anyone. His response? “You’re not allowed to wear panties in (Bar Name).” All of a sudden I felt like a teenage girl getting dress coded at school!

Admittedly I was rather taken aback. For one, I wasn’t naked and there were women in that bar with less clothes on than me. Hell, the bartender was wearing less than I was. Actually if I recall correctly, I was wearing the exact same outfit as in my Gravatar – tie dye tshirt and either blue or black running shorts. By all means I was more covered than Miss spaghetti strap and denim miniskirt with cheeks hanging out behind the bar. Of course, apparently I am the wrong gender to be wearing those short shorts. So sue me.

Keep in mind that this was even before I had any tattoos or body mods of any kind so yeah, it was kind of weird. Well, whatever, I’m not a confrontational person so I chug what’s left of my beer, pay my tab and leave as requested. Needless to say I have never returned to that bar and never will unless I am issued a formal, public apology by the bar owner on social media or some other platform.

Anyway, I was pissed at the time but now I just look back on it and laugh. It is quite entertaining the closed mindedness of some people. Nonetheless, not all was lost. It wasn’t too much longer another beer-focused establishment opened up and I’ve been in that bar many times over without issue, almost always sporting the shorts. Also, a few weeks ago there was a pizza place that opened here that again has lots of microbrew beer. Been in there several times, every time short shorts clad (hey, it’s hot right now) and never a word said about it. Needless to say this incident was definitely an anomaly!

It’s just kind of weird – I have never, NEVER had a problem from any other bar, restaurant or any other establishment over it until then. I’ll never know what the reasoning for it was, but I still look back on it and laugh and just take my credit card elsewhere. No skin off my teeth.


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