Cranial Tattoo Ideas

If it is one thing I do take probably too much pride in it’s my hair. I love my luscious locks. I do keep it cut pretty short these days but actually back as recently as my grad school days I had shoulder-length hair. I just got tired of taking care of it but I still kept a full head of hair.

Well, until a couple of years ago. At only 29 years old, I am already starting to show some serious male-pattern baldness. My front hairline has receded significantly and I have developed a significant bald spot on the back of my head. I am sort of compensating right now by using volumizing shampoo and conditioner and it has helped conceal the bald spot somewhat but it’s still there and noticeable. The fact of the matter is I will be bald at some point and there is not a damn thing I can do about it.

I’ve looked at medicines but apparently they don’t really help you regrow hair but rather just slow balding and then of course hair transplant surgery is ridiculously expensive. Hairpieces have come a long way but apparently maintenance on them is many times more expensive than a monthly haircut. Whatever the case, every avenue to combat baldness seems like it would cost thousands of dollars over the years, and I’m too cheap and frugal to even entertain that idea.

So then what is a balding person to do to decorate his head? Well, I’m a tattoo junkie so why not just shave what hair I have left and decorate my cranium with a large, elaborate and visually striking tattoo? I’m thinking a piece that basically would cover where my normal hairline would be all the way around to the base of the skull/top of the cervical spine. Yes, it would be an expensive tattoo (and probably a rather painful one) but looking in terms of long-term cost it seems it would be a more cost effective option than medication, hairpiece or transplant any of the three. Hey, I’m all for more ink!

Now, this is obviously several years down the road as I still have a respectable amount of hair and the volumizing shampoo/conditioner does a pretty good job of concealing my bald spot at the present time. However, the challenge is coming up with a design that will look organic and natural on the head. Tribal tattoos often look great as cranials but tribal tattoos just aren’t “me” if that makes sense. I like tribal tattoos but they don’t match my soul or personality and as such I wouldn’t get one. My first gut instincts are to honestly do something spacey really. I love the stars and space in general so some of my ideas would be like a nebula or a galaxy or something fun like that. Perhaps even the surface of either Uranus or Neptune or some other celestial body that is cool colored.

Again, keep in mind this is for some time down the road but I want to start getting ideas so I can do rough sketches. I’m going to keep my luscious locks for as long as I can, then when I feel it’s gotten to the point of no return the razor is coming out and the ink is going in. Nonetheless I am open to other ideas or concepts if you have any, though it seems as though I’m pretty enamored with the idea of having a space tattoo on my head.

Have you seen any head tattoos that you thought were cool? Do you have a cranial tattoo? Do you have any ideas or concepts? Please share! 


2 thoughts on “Cranial Tattoo Ideas

  1. Even though I don’t have any tattoos, I appreciate them. Therefore, I follow a few tattoo artists on Instagram. Have you ever seen any of Dr.Woo’s tattoos? I think that his style would be awesome for a cranial tattoo.


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