Semicolon Re-Design or Cover Up Challenge

So I want to open a challenge up to all my readers who are artists (tattoo or otherwise – most other art can be converted to a tattoo as well).

On January 2nd 2016 I got my first tattoo – a semicolon on my right wrist. I swore it would be my only (I even told the artist she was full of shit when she said I would want more!) but it started an obsession. As such, I don’t overly regret it but after some discoveries about Project Semicolon it no longer feels “right.”

It was only after I got the tattoo that I discovered PS is a religious based organization. I am an atheist, so you see my conundrum here. Now, I pass no blame on the artist or Amy Bleuel either one. I am fully responsible for my own uninformed decision and I own up to that.

I had thought about adding the atheist “scarlet A” to it but idk if I like that or it would be totally disrespectful to the movement. I’m conflicted on that.

Anyway, so here is where I open up the challenge: if you have a redesign or cover-up idea go ahead and share it with me. Do a quick sketch and show where you would incorporate it into a new design or where it would be hidden in a cover up. I’d like a symbol that would be representative of my internal battle with depression and keeping with that theme, but without the religious connotations.

Good luck. If I choose your design I might even give you a small cash prize when I decide to move forward. Have fun!

(If you wish to use a paint, photo editor or CAD system you can take the photo of the tattoo from my “My Tattoos” page.)


6 thoughts on “Semicolon Re-Design or Cover Up Challenge

  1. I understand that tattoos are personal and that (probably?) the most important thing is that the wearer is happy with the design, but I just wanted you to know that when I see a semicolon I think of it in the grammatical sense. The semicolon has joined two parts of a sentence since the 1400’s, I’m assuming most people would associate it with the grammatical meaning. Anyway, I think it’s a great tattoo. I don’t have any tattoos, but lots of ideas for them. 🙂


    • Well the symbol is sort of a metaphorical reference to the grammatical semicolon. Basically it continues a compound sentence. The continuation of the compound sentence in this case is construed to mean the wearer’s life.

      As someone who has survived multiple suicide attempts it kind of spoke to me in that light. Hence I decided to get the tattoo despite saying I would never get one. Well, one turned into two and before too long two turned into four and I’m currently working with my two artists on two more. It broke the ice for me.

      The religious undertone of Project Semicolon isn’t just in your face but it is there, albeit subtle. They say they embrace all faiths and lack thereof but I don’t see that. Hence is my issue with it.

      Anyway, just know if you ever bring one of your ideas to life you’re sunk. It is addictive and you will want more. That I can promise you.

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  2. It sounds like there is a lot of meaning behind your semicolon, and to me, it represents your strength of spirit. (I don’t want to assume to know anything about your hardships) but it sounds like there is a powerful message behind that tattoo. I hope you are happy and make peace with either keeping it, or finding another meaningful cover up tattoo.


    • It is something I struggle with. Do I keep it or cover it up? Or do I add something to it to make it more unique to me individually and less about the organization Project Semicolon (in case you didn’t know it is an actual organization).

      I will probably wind up full sleeved at some point so it might wind up covered up by default anyway. I just don’t know yet what I want my sleeve to be but I do know I have my zodiac tattooed on my shoulder on that same side and I love that tattoo and want it incorporated into the sleeve.

      The planning is all part of the fun of getting tattoos really. Feel free to check out the “My Tattoos” page if you want to see what I have so far.

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  3. Your dilemma is exactly mine also! It almost sounds like the same story. Thanks for posting. I will consider what to do with mine more carefully now.


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