Song Lyric Sunday 7/31/16


So, our theme for Song Lyric Sunday is to post a song that was featured in a movie. It can be a song from a favorite movie, or one of your favorite songs that was featured in a movie.

Honestly, this one is an easy one for me. One of my favorite movies as a kid was Cats Don’t Dance. For those who don’t know the movie, it is an animated movie of a talented orange tabby cat Danny who moves from Kokomo, Indiana to Hollywood to pursue his dream of landing a part in a musical. Well, in doing so he crosses path with child star Darla Dimple (“America’s sweetheart lover of children and animals”) who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and will do everything to sabotage not only his dream but the dreams of every other animal actor/singer/dancer.

She nearly gets away with it until Danny develops a master plan to expose him and all the rest of the animal talent to a live audience, and in doing so Miss Dimple reveals her true psychotic diabolical self. At long last, animal stars are born.

Anyway, the song I chose from this movie is called “Tell Me Lies.” The song was written by Randy Newman and performed by the late great Natalie Cole (what a voice and what a tragic loss). It is a beautiful song with very beautiful and poetic lyrics.

I am choosing this song because I can so relate to it in my own life. The song speaks of her character’s experiences in the events prior to, leading up to and during the movie. It speaks of how she always gets her hopes up only to have them crushed. She knows better than to get her hopes up but she lets it happen regardless. Why think it’ll be different this time around, only to realize it won’t? Whatever the case, as the end of the song says, regardless of how many times we get beaten down, how many times we fail or how many times things don’t work out, we’ve got to hold onto our dreams and never quit chasing them. We never know when our dreams might at long last be realized (which in her case they were at the conclusion of the movie).

Without further ado:

I never believed that there was a rainbow
With a pot of gold at the end
I’m much too smart for fairy tales like that
Yet here I am again
I thought this time, this time we’re gonna make it
Why I thought so I really don’t know
Maybe something in his eyes just told me so
Something in his eyes…

Tell me lies
And I’ll come runnin’
I must have lost my mind!
I could close me eyes
And tell you just exactly what’s comin’
Life’s gonna turn just a little unkind

Seems like everyone’s sailin’
Way out on the sea
And I’m stuck here on the shore
Sun’s always shinin’
But it’s never on me
Why should I try anymore?

Tell me lies
Tell me lies
And I’ll just keep right on comin’
This time I’ve got to believe in the dream
This time I’ve got to believe in his dream



8 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday 7/31/16

  1. What a great song! I love the blues in it… there’s just so much character to it. I miss watching animated movies with my kiddos, especially the ones with music in them. Thanks so much for sharing this one!


  2. Ho! This is lovely, I have never heard of the movie or the song buy o shall have to look for it now. I wonder why so many talented people die young! With most it is either drugs and drink and for some too much too soon.


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