Tattoo Show and Tell!

So my dear readers, you’ve heard a lot about my inked journey thus far, as short as my journey has been (7 months). You know all about my tattoos and the stories behind them (if not, check out the “My Tattoos” page!) so now I want to hear from you!

Pick a tattoo you have, share a pic and tell the story behind it. Why did you choose that particular image? What does it symbolize to you? If you do not have a tattoo but want one, share your concept and why you want said image tattooed on your body. If you do not have a tattoo and do not want one, briefly discuss a tattoo you saw on someone else that stood out to you and why it did.

Sound off everyone! I’m truly interested to hear your remarks.

(Note, this will be a recurring thing on my blog so if you have or want multiple you’ll get your chance to share more of yours!)


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