Judge Ye Not Outward Appearances

So I just looked in my Yahoo! news feed and I found this little gem in which a nurse is insulted for having rainbow hair and she shut down the person who insulted her in the best way possible. Please take the time to read the article then come back. 

Back? Alright then, all I have to say is you go girl! Way to stand up for yourself and shut down the haters. 

I think sometimes we get too caught up in outward appearances that we make terrible judgments about someone and forgo getting to know genuinely good people. 

As someone whose appearance is far from traditional, I have had plenty of such judgments tossed my way. Yes, I have multiple tattoos. I wear super short shorts even though the powers that be (who exactly?) say men aren’t really supposed to. I never go out of my way to cover my tattoos at work and I’ll even wear aforementioned shorts to work a lot of the time as half the time the branch manager is gone and I can get away with it (I’m an engineer so I don’t deal with the public at all). Hell, if I run out of canvas elsewhere I’m not opposed to shaving my head and putting tattoos on my cranium either. My hair is already thinning significantly anyway (and I’m not even 30 years old yet!). 

Whatever the case, the point I’m making is we should not judge someone just because their appearance is unconventional. We all have our own ways of expressing ourselves. You never know who you might fail to get to know and find a wonderful friend in if you make superficial judgments like that. 

Anyway, I just figured I’d write this as a reaction to that article. I thought the nurse handled it well and I commend her for it. I also hope you will take her message to heart. Sometimes we all need a reality check to put aside judgment. 


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