Off-Topic Sunday: Religious Views

So starting this Sunday I’m going to start doing just personal entries about myself, my views or just any odd sort of randomness I feel like talking about. It can get hard thinking of nothing but tattoo topics (as many as there are out there) so I’ve decided to dedicate Sundays to “off topic” stuff. Today’s topic of discussion is religion, my personal views and how I came to them.

So for starters, what are my views? Well I mention them in passing on my “About Me” page, but I am an atheist. I do not believe in any god or any sort of invisible, transcendent force. I do not believe in prophets, heaven, hell, reincarnation or any sort of afterlife of any sort. I believe that this is the only life you get, and once you’re gone you’re gone.

On the other hand, I am a bit of a spiritual atheist. Though I don’t believe in any of these things in a literal sense, I believe them in a figurative sense. I interpret life after death to mean that your memory and legacy lives on far after you die, and what some religious texts describe as “the second death” or “samsara” is when your memory dies with the last person who knew of you and/or your accomplishments.

So where did I come to my conclusions? Well the answer is pretty straightforward: there is not one shred of statistical or scientific evidence that supports the existence of a deity. Not one. In science and statistics, the absence of an entity, correlation or whatever is assumed until there is sufficient evidence to reject what is called the “null hypothesis” (negative assumption) in favor of the alternative hypothesis (the positive assumption) Sure, a null hypothesis is little more than a default, but until there is ample evidence to reject it, I see no reason to believe in deities and have to live my life by their restrictive moral codes and ridiculous rules when I could be living it up. If it is one thing that’s common to most religions it’s that their adherents aren’t allowed to have any fun. If something is fun or pleasurable it’s somehow sinful.

What about issues of morality? Well, to put it simply morality has been scientifically shown to have roots in evolution and survival. The golden rule is essential to the survival of pretty much every species. Violations of it threaten our survival, hence we evolved with this sort of inherent sense of justice.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. That is my religious position. I’d mentioned some in passing to some people, but that is a more in-depth look at my inner core convictions. I hope it made at least some level of sense.

Is there any random bit of information you want to know about me? Feel free to ask! 

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