In Light of Recent Events

Though a total deviation from the purpose and focus of my blog, I feel it is necessary to make some remarks about recent goings on in my country and even in my back yard (I only live about 150 miles from Dallas, Texas where 5 officers were slain by protestors).

First I need to say that yes, I realize that there are power-hungry, trigger-happy sons-of-bitches in practically every police department in this country. I get it. There are some people who just let the power of the badge go to their heads. You will not hear me argue against that. We are in desperate need of police reform in my country.

On the other hand, we need to keep things in perspective that the aforementioned individuals are a minority. A vast majority of police officers serve honorably and follow the rules so to speak. Most of them are good people doing a difficult and often thankless job.

As such, we really need to step back and take a look at ourselves as civilians. What do we think we are going to accomplish by shooting up police departments and taking the lives of those who serve honorably and play fair? What did these people ever do to deserve to get killed? I don’t get it. Inciting this kind of violence does absolutely nothing to improve race or civilian vs. police relations. It just doesn’t. It just reiterates the “us vs. them” mentality and if civilians think they will win a war against the militarized government they are seriously deluded.

These mass shootings going both directions hurt my heart, but if I were to be totally honest my initial gut reaction to these things is “why couldn’t it have been me?” I would gladly sacrifice my own life if it meant another got to continue living. I mean, let’s get real here: losing me would not be a big loss (if a loss at all). I’m just another individual who had his dreams crushed and has nothing really to look forward to. As such, if I died it wouldn’t really be tragic. It would just be what it is. However, some still have dreams they are holding onto or have the potential to have them realized, and to have their lives cut short is unfair.

Whatever the case, all I see on both sides of the aisle is a bunch of anger and hate. Hate never solved anything. Unfortunately, love doesn’t seem to solve many problems either (say what you will, it’s just a pipe dream). Neither does religion (which is just a crutch). I don’t know what the answer is, but I hope we find it soon, for I fear we have gone too far off the deep end for recovery.

I fear for future generations and these events just reinforce my decision to not have children. I could not in good conscience subject them to this chaos. I just don’t know what to say besides this.

Rant over.


One thought on “In Light of Recent Events

  1. One rotten potato will spoil a sack full of potatoes, one bad element in the Police Department ruins the image of all, Change must start from the police, they should eradicate all rogue elements and as seen in the police killings, a rat trap will catch the guilty rats and the innocent rats (african proverb) so long as it’s a rat.


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