Sharing My Love of Ink

Not often is it that I get to share something I love with someone else (because my interests aren’t all that common) but today I got that opportunity and it was priceless.

My dad turns 50 next week. Though not my biological father, he’s always been dad to me. He is the only real father figure I’ve ever had in my life (and lo and behold I bear his last name rather than the last name of my biological father). Both my kid sister and I have 4 tattoos each currently (she got a head start on me despite being 8 years younger than me).

Well, he’s wanted a tattoo for some time but never could afford it. Today I was able to give him a gift that will last a lifetime: his first tattoo:


We also had a fun day hanging out overall; we washed my car (which he helped me pick out) drank and cooked dinner together. It was definitely a great bonding day.

We haven’t always gotten along, but we’ve seen it through to the bitter end. The opportunity to share my love of ink with him is beyond comprehension for me. It is something I’ll never forget.

My dad’s tattoo is “kaizen,” which is a Japanese philosophy of self-improvement. As he is a salesman (has been since he was 18), it’s fitting. Now that we’ve broken the ice he has more ideas for ink too. The bug has bitten him and I take full responsibility. It makes me glad to be able to share something I love with him.

It truly has been a special day for me. I’ve not always shown it, but I love him all the same and I am deeply grateful for being able to share my love of ink with him.


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