Never Say Never!

Otherwise known as “what a difference a few years makes.”

The other day I was browsing my former blogging home (Xanga – before it tanked) looking at some old blogs and comments I left on some of the Xanga sister sites (known as “-ish” blogs) and I came across this one on a fashion blog that I had left regarding my opinion of tattoos. You’re about to get a kick out of this:


Never mind the terrible grammar, but you get the idea. This was precisely my attitude on tattoos up until about December of last year when I started toying around with the idea of getting one. I nearly talked myself out of it but with the push of a few friends giving their support I had no choice but to go through with it. One turned into two, two turned into the rest of my life.

The moral of the story is you never know. There is no way to predict even your own future. It might take some outside motivating factor for you to do something you claim you never will, but by all means it COULD happen, and who knows? Once you try it you might like it.

One thought on “Never Say Never!

  1. You are right, I did get a kick out of it. Never say never is almost a motto for me. I have found that things I say never to usually end up being a major part of my life path.


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