Two Saturdays, Two More Tats

I love any excuse for more ink. Tattoos are my therapy. Between the buzz, the pain and the rush, I just find my zen while being inked.

This Saturday if all goes well I’ll be getting an autism awareness puzzle piece tattoo at the parlor that started my addiction. 100% of their proceeds will go to Autism Speaks. How can I say no to that? I’ll totally get inked for that. Of course, I’ll get inked for no reason at all so  that should go without saying.

Then the next Saturday I’ve got a bagpipe gig coming up that a local friend has commissioned me to play. His son is a budding tattoo artist and will just so happen to be doing tattoos as this big bash. Well, what better payment for a gig than a new tattoo? Money? Psh. That shit’s temporary. A sick tattoo? That’s for LIFE. As far as the design, I’ll appropriately be getting a Scottish themed tattoo – I’ll be getting a sgian dubh (“black knife” in Scots-Gaelic – it’s the dagger worn under the kilt hose) over a Saltire flag backdrop on my outer right calf (where I would carry it) The artist has already shown me the sketch and it’s bad-fucking-ass! Oh I can’t wait to get it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – tattoos are a way of life for me. Granted, as much as I love the process my tattoos have to have meaning to me so finding designs that jive with me can be difficult (not to mention empty wallet syndrome), but whatever the case, let’s go go go!!!!!



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